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My long-suffering husband knew as soon as he heard it

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:08am
Watching public TV, just now a show on birds gave the most astonishing fact: that hummingbirds eat around 10,000 calories a day. TEN THOUSAND. Each. A day.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

If humans had an equivalent metabolism, we'd need over 100,000 calories.

Next time our kids balk at dinner and repeat a conviction that they "can't" eat so much, or that they shouldn't need what they need, that dessert will make them fat, or ascribes some moral value to how many calories one needs...

Bring up the hummingbird.

Hearing this tidbit I turned to look at my husband who laughed: "I KNEW you would blog on that as soon as I saw it."
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