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My Harsh Reality and My Decision

Posted Jan 19 2013 11:28pm
I have a confession to make.  I haven’t ran in 5 whole days.  Yeah, I feel pretty guilty about it.  Today was a BEAUTIFUL day.  There was no excuse for me not getting out there.  I opened up all the windows and I opened up all the doors.  I went to the grocery store twice, cooked, cleaned, did every piece of laundry we had, washed dishes literally 5 times, (and there are some in the sink as we speak) and I did all this while watching documentaries.  Ever since I found that category on our Netflix I’ve been sucked in.  They brought some harsh realities to me. They brought some great information…. maybe life changing. HMMMM.

The documentaries I watched today were…  (I HIGHLY recommend all of them!!!)

If you want to change your life, if you’re really ready watch these documentaries in this order.

1. Forks over Knives: About how a plant-based whole food diet can cure disease


2. Vegducated: About a vegan diet.  I cried my eyes out.


3. Hungry for a Change: A documentary about diets, the diet industry, sugar addiction, emotions.


4. The Secret: The secret to getting everything you’ve ever wanted in your life by using positive thinking.


I’m going to be honest with you.  I’m sure I might get a lot of crap for this statement but, I’ve never been an animal lover. Ever.  I will never have a dog or cat live in my house. I prefer pets that don’t sniff crotches or scratch up your couch and leave hair everywhere.  Fish in a bowl are about as far as I go when it comes to animals.  Now with that being said, you already know how much of an emotional person I am.  I can not watch anything suffering or getting hurt.  I’m not sure what happened to me today. I’ve always been emotional and sensitive but I think becoming a mother made me even more sympathetic. Watching what goes on in slaughter houses made me cry like a little baby.

I’m here saying right now that I am going to start eating a Plant Based, Whole Foods Diet.

I’ve made my decision based on morals and scientific evidence on health and a plant-based diet.    I am serious about this change in lifestyle. Sorry Paleo. This is going to be a WHOLE FOODS plant-based diet.  No processed crap. At first I was going to label myself as a vegan. But I now know that strict of a label wouldn’t be mentally healthy for me. Instead I’m going to focus on eating 95% dairy and meat free.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing to make an improvement in your health or changes in the environment.

ALSO………. It’s time to start thinking positive!!!!! I’m waking up everyday with positive thoughts!

20130119_211821 20130119_211829

I wrote on post it notes and put them around my bathroom mirror.  I also have a notebook ready, where every day I am going to write down what I’m thankful for and visualize what I want in life.  If you pick any of the documentaries to watch, The Secret is the one to go for.  I’m now reading the book.  Seriously, watch it, read it, what ever you choose.  Just do it. Now.

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