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missing lunch

Posted Sep 24 2012 8:43pm

Just thought I'd say that I forgot to bring lunch to a long meeting today.

During the meeting the time for lunch went by, and I was hungry (and irritated that I didn't have my lunch). As the meeting went on (and on) I also started feeling all those other hungry symptoms... grumpy, tired, beginning of a headache... and after even longer I started to lose my concentration, and feel more fatigued.

Now, why am I telling you all this?

Certainly not to make myself look organized or healthy or anything like that! This wasn't one of my greatest moves. And though it was unintentional (when I got home I saw that my lunch was sitting right on the counter where I'd left it this morning, all ready to go off to the meeting with me...) it cost me.

It didn't cost me medically. I'm plenty healthy and strong enough nutritionally to miss a lunch if I have to. 

It clearly cost me though- in terms of how I felt, how I could focus, what my perspective about the day and myself was...

And you know how else it cost me? The longer I went without getting to have my lunch, the more 17 Snickers bars sounded crucial to get my hands on.

I like Snickers bars (and pretty much anything else chocolaty...) but 17 of them? No thanks. I was only craving them like that because I'd let myself go too long without food, and let my blood sugar get too low.

So, why am I telling you this? Mostly because I want you to know that regular old humans need nutrition. All of us do. No exceptions. And if we don't get consistent nutrition... well, we suffer.

You can bet that tomorrow, before I leave the house for the office, I'm going to make darn sure my lunch isn't still sitting on the counter- it's going to be in my briefcase!

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