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Misinformation and bad math

Posted Aug 05 2008 6:06pm
What is a majority of people? Technically, it's a portion that contains more people than not. So anything about 51% or above would be a majority.

Then why wouldRemudaRanchconsider 49% a majority?

In theirrecent press release, RR said that the majority of women they treated (49%) had suffered childhood sexual abuse and trauma. I know it's a bit nit-picky, but still. It's NOT a majority.

Of course, RR isn't necessarily in the business of statistics. They're in the business of selling eating disorder treatment programs (at the cost of about $2000 per day). I know people who have gone onto recovery after a stay at RR- but not at the rate of 95% that their website claims.

Still, the issue ofCSAin people with eating disorders is, sadly, very real. Could people with eating disorders be more likely to have been abused? Perhaps. But there aren't solid numbers on it. What appears to be the case is thatCSAincreases a person's risk forall kindsof brain diseases, eating disorders included. It's an incredible stress, and an incredible trauma on a growing brain.

It's a trigger, but it's not necessarily a cause.

I think you need the wiring to develop an eating disorder, period. Does abuse mean your wires may need less triggering than if you hadn't been abused? It seems likely.

But forRemudato say that the majority of women with eating disorders have been abused or traumatized is WAY off the mark.Remudadoes NOT see an even cross-section of people with eating disorders. They see the people who have decided to come to their clinic- and can afford to do so.

It's bad science, and a really tacky PR ploy.
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