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messy list (part one..)

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

This messy list may evolve bit by bit. There are so many examples in life that I've sort of gotten my brain all clogged up with them (no comments from you guys about this...).

Here are a couple of things I thought of to get us started. Really, I'm hoping you guys will add things too...

1. If you stand in Manhattan and look west over New Jersey you'll see some of the most beautiful sunsets ever invented. I once asked someone about why they are SO pretty and that person said (and we'll just assume for now that he knew what he was talking about and that this is true, because it works really well for our list!) that all the particles in the sky over NJ reflect especially beautifully and make for incredible sunsets. So there... messy skies equals beautiful sunsets.

2. A couple of years ago I missed a flight that I really needed to be on, and I was super annoyed about it. I was hanging out at the airport waiting for the next flight and I randomly met someone who subsequently has become one of my close friends. Messy missed flight/scheduling disaster equalled new friend.

3. I once had a big fight with one of my best friends. It was over something stupid, like really big fights can be, but underneath whatever it was that got us started, it was really about major changes we were going through (happy ones, but big ones). It wasn't fun, but we got through it. And we were even closer and stronger for having been through it and dealt with it. Messy big fight equalled closer, stronger relationship.

4. A couple of 6 year old friends helped me make halloween cookies a couple of weeks ago. We covered the house in flour and frosting. It was a big mess. And a lot of fun. When I was growing up my family knew some people who had THE PERFECT white house. Everything was white- furniture, carpet, walls. They were nice people, but visiting wasn't all that fun- you had to be so darn careful all the time!!! I always felt like if I even breathed I might get something dirty. Visits were very quiet (and, I'm afraid, very boring, for a kid!). I reminded myself of that as my little cookie friends were covering themselves in frosting!

So, this gets us started. To be continued...
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