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Meet the Newer - Tougher, Braver, Stronger, Recovered - You

Posted Sep 10 2013 1:47pm

It is often so tempting to see the necessity of treatment as an “interruption” in our regularly-scheduled life.

How many of us have a story somewhere in our past recovery efforts of going to treatment, being sent to treatment, being forced into treatment for that matter, and how many of us have ever come out thinking, “well, I wish that had worked – but unfortunately I’m still sick.”

In the movie “ Girl, Interrupted ”, we see Winona Ryder as Susanna, a young woman admitted to inpatient treatment with depression and borderline personality disorder. At first, she rebels against her family’s choice to admit her. She seeks out those who are of a similar mindset, aligning herself with the powerful opposing forces who don’t want to get better and aren’t afraid to let the staff and fellow patients know.

But as time moves on, something changes inside Susanna. She starts to want to get better. She starts to see the futility of staying stuck like her rebellious cohorts, and decides on her own to give her treatment team a chance. It is a choice that ultimately makes all the difference in her own life.

Where have you perhaps been resisting the help and support that surrounds you? What can you do – now, today – to make the most of any opportunity that comes your way to receive support, guidance, and care as you work towards your own recovery goals and dreams?

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