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Making healthy choices

Posted Sep 24 2010 11:44am
     I have cut down on the sugar a great deal this week .  I have totally cut out all wheat and flour.  The occasional lemonade creeps into the mouth,  but it isn't chocolate, cookies or cake.  Which i can do quite easily at any given time.  I have stayed away from eggs this week and i do feel a little lighter  not sure why either.  I am finding that habits are hard to break especially when so much emotional connection to the food is present.  To say you aren't going to eat that anymore is upsettinng but i am promising myself no more self abuse.  I know my body cannot take this abuse of putting food into my mouth that is full of sugar.  I  do feel a heaviness has left me as if my body is saying thank you for not putting that in your mouth.  I have been eating a lot more fruit and it seems to satisfy me and deter me from eating a sugary thing.
       I also tend to eat more when my husband is away.  Last night i ordered a salad with turkey and some goat cheese and spinach.  It was delicious and then had an apple later in the evening.  My ankles are doing well.  There is no more swelling as i have been keeping them on an otterman.  I have cut salt out too. 

There is a place where you get to the point where you really want to stop eating the junk and you want to start eating healthy.  At least you think about doing that.  Then you find yourself buying food that is healthy....... But you still have moments of  pigging out.... And then the guilt takes place...... I have found that is not a good place to be .  When the guilt takes place you are in a love/ hate place with how you are eating. 
     Sometimes rewarding yourself with a small token to highlight your successes can help. Journaling about the struggle helps. Also planning your meals and how you wamt to eat on a particular day helps too.,   Maybe telling a friend about what you are doing and let them know what you plan to eat is helpful too.  It will hold you accountable to what food you will be eating.
     I think the last few weeks has brought me to a place from Gotta have it,  I choose not to have this sugar at this time,   besides i want to eat healthy at this time.  For me its a big step and i need to keep motivated to continue this was of thinking.  Its so easy to say yes to a sugary thing.   I think for now i would rather say yes to good health.  
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