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Let’s talk jealousy.

Posted Aug 20 2013 6:00am


Well hello! Let’s just jump right in to the same ol’ same ol’ stuff. Mhmm, I know you’re excited.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, eggs with jalapenos. That’s right, I even eat peppers at breakfast now a days.


My favorite thing about mornings at the new house… I get to sit outside on the front porch and drink coffee and read blogs while Scarlet rides her bike. Yes Linz , that’s you.


I found my new favorite Sobe water yesterday.  Kiwi something I can’t pronounce.


To answer what you are thinking… Yes that is the only sports bra and under armor tank I own.  I wash it once sometimes twice a day.

Lunch was a salad with salsa and blue cheese dressing.


I snacked on cocoa almonds all day long.  I bought the blue diamond brand this time which are all natural.


And for dinner I made shrimp and veggies.


The green stuff is wasabi left over from my niece’s sushi she had for lunch.

As you can imagine, I was still starving after that so I had a banana, a couple spoons of peanut butter, and a couple more bites of shrimp and some yogurt.


Training run: The new plan had me run for 45 minutes. My OCD kicked in and it kind of killed me to step off the treadmill with such weird mileage numbers but I did what I was told.  I felt great.  I can tell I really need some new shoes though.

I feel like lately the blog has been the same ol stuff.  What I ate, what I ran.  I’m sure it’s getting a tid bit boring. Today I wanted to have a little pow wow with you guys.

Let’s talk about jealousy. I used to be a super jealous girl.  SUPER jealous. I would spend hours on blogs, websites, Facebook, looking at girls and wishing I could be like the.  Wishing I looked like them.  Judging them.  I thought girls that who were fit, girls who took pictures in bikini’s, girls who were pretty…. were vein.  I thought that they were the reason so many girls have eating disorders.

Then my jealousy turned to girls who ran better than me.  Girls who had more time to run, people who could run outside instead of on a treadmill… it went on and on.

This was because I didn’t love myself.

I can tell you from experience… When you love yourself, when you are okay and accepting with how you look and who you are, it will completely change the quality of your life. 

I have been so much happier and I’ve made so many friends that I would never have thought I’d make, all because I got rid of all negativity, all jealousy, and all hate in my life.

Everyone, especially us women, need to stop with the judgment of each other.  We all have insecurities, we all have our own issues going on in our lives.  We need to turn our thoughts around and just love.  We need to love, support, and be happy for each other.

This has been on my mind lately because it’s crazy how much happier I’ve become in the last couple weeks.  This was a huge boundary and I can honestly say, It’s completely gone. I climbed that wall and it’s seems to be smooth sailing from here.

It’s crazy the connection between loving yourself and happiness and fulfillment of every single aspect of your life.

Take to me you guys? I want you to be my friend too!

Have you come to the realization about judging and being jealous will only hurt your life?

What is your take on fitness blogs and other blogs what show pictures of themselves in sports bras or swim suits?

How is your training going?  What are you training for?

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