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Let’s get Physical!

Posted Sep 20 2012 12:00am

One thing I’ve been consistent about (despite my lingering tendencies to binge) is exercise.  Purchasing my personal mini elliptical has been the best decision I’ve made in recent months.  It also makes getting up at 4am to exercise before work much easier (that and season 4 of Drop Dead Diva on my DVR).   But I really want to get fit again.  I miss running 6 miles then doing Body Pump.  I miss being asked to take the Body Step training so I could become an instructor (seriously, becoming a Body Step instructor is my fitness goal). Right now, I’m too terrified to take a step class because I think I would embarrass myself because I am too out of shape.

Sad and out of shape face (though my eye shadow has stayed on for 14 hours despite a 6 mile walk)

And I love doing all my workout videos:

But I have serious workout video ADD.  I get bored even when Jillian Michaels is kicking my ass (which she always does).  So when I went to Target the other day I decided to check out the workout videos (I’m kind of a workout DVD and self help book junkie).  When I stumbled  upon this DVD:

First, I love Sparkpeople !  I’ve joined other calorie counting/fitness tracking websites but Sparkpeople is my favorite.  I love the tons of articles about health, fitness, motivation, etc.  You can even blog!  Even though my food is being tracked via my meal delivery program, I wanted to track my food to help (hopefully) reduce the binges and I wanted to track my workouts to make sure I’m working out enough.  Second, I’ve been thinking about purchasing this DVD for a couple for a couple of months but have never committed.  Mainly because I’ve bought enough workout DVDs that I disliked and only attempted the workout a couple of times.  But in the grand scheme of things, what’s $12.99 towards improving my health.  So I bought the DVD and started the 28 day bootcamp plan.

The first day workout was 22 minutes (including a 6 minute warmup and 4 minute cooldown).  Now, I’m not going to lie, I barely broke a sweat.  I was kind of disappointed so I decided to add another segment (aka the 20 minutes Tone and Burn).  Oh my goodness did I get my booty kicked.  I love combining cardio and strength (ie lots of squats and lunges with arm exercises).  For one of the last exercises, Coach Nicole had us do a one arm shoulder press while doing a curtsy followed by a side kick (holy balance).  After I finished the Tone and Burn I was glad that I had bought this DVD.  I plan on following the bootcamp plan while adding extra exercises on easier days.  I really enjoying having a plan because it keeps me on track and keeps me exercising (including my 4am wakeup call tomorrow morning).

Do you enjoy having a workout schedule?  Or do you like to take it one day at a time?

Here’s a goofy picture to make up for my sad face!

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