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last time

Posted Mar 02 2014 5:34pm

Hi peoples, this is the last entry on this blog. 

It has been a wonderful ride, the past few years. You guys have been so fun to converse with, and it has really been an honor to be able to answer the questions you've had, and to get to be a part of your lives and your journeys in getting to know yourselves.

I can't thank you enough for participating in the blog. Without you guys it wouldn't have been a blog. It wouldn't have even existed. It was only because of all your great questions, comments and feedback that the blog went on, and went on for so long.

I could see we were nearing the end when the Gurze guys had to keep turning off the comment option because there was so much spam. Without your comments there was no reason for me to write. I wish the spam hadn't gotten so out of control... but I didn't have any power over that one!

I also want to thank the Gurze guys, Leigh and Lindsey, who have owned the blog until recently, and are now on to a different, and more restful (hopefully) phase of their lives; and Mark, who manages the IT stuff for Gurze and who is a fabulous guy (and who saved me repeatedly from one tech catastrophe after another!). Mark also manages my website, so I still get to have crises and have him save me!

I'll eventually start a new blog.  And knowing me I'll likely have the same kind of silly (and important I think) stuff- Perfection Deflection Awards, Scrupulous Honesty Awards... we did have fun, didn't we??

I hope you guys will want to read and comment on that blog one once it's up and running. There'll be news about it on my website at some point.

I wish all of you the very, very best- from the bottom of my heart. Like I've said probably a million times, and always meant it: you guys rock! Take good care! Johanna

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