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Labor Day

Posted Sep 07 2009 10:10pm

For us American types, today has been Labor Day, which made me think more about what working on ourselves means.

Labor Day is celebrated here with, interestingly, a national holiday where most things like banks, post offices, other offices, schools, etc. are closed. Now, isn't that fascinating? For a day whose named after labor, the way it gets celebrated is by many, many people taking the day off from work/school (and no, it's not because Americans are lazy, or the people who thought up the idea of a national holiday are lazy or slackers...nice try though...).

Many people do leisure activities or travel or spend time with friends or family on Labor Day. Tomorrow, most of these same people return to work and/or school. And... what do you know... they probably feel refreshed, regenerated, had a chance to regroup... they'll hopefully be happier, healthier, better at their jobs, more relaxed, better able to concentrate... as a result of the kind of work they did on themselves today (rest, relax, rejuvenate, mostly)

Just more evidence that "working on ourselves" comes in all different forms! Happy Labor Day dudes :)
And congrats to Wendy for the newly published work-book. You rock.
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