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Kids Run and #1 Running Advice

Posted Jul 09 2013 8:27am
Hey hey, it’s Tuesday.  Let’s start out with a running joke.. shall we? We shall.

-What happens when a marathon runner has ill fitting shoes? He suffers the agony of defeat.

HaHa, Funny, Funny.

Yesterday breakfast got a little crazy for me. I woke up starving. My metabolism is now in overdrive and I love it. I made myself Oatmeal with blueberries, sunflower seed butter, and sprinkled with Kashi Cinnamon Harvest.

Then, I got this CRAZY Idea to take the kids to Grant’s Trail.    I packed up everything I could think of since I knew we would be gone a while.  I brought power aide, vitamin water, water, popcorn, cookies, and pretzels for the kids. I had a fully charged phone for T.V. entertainment and my IPod to keep them busy. Before we left, since we were going to be in the woods, I got out bug spray wipes.  I’ve had these for probably 2 years and never used them.  They are awesome.  So easy to use without the mess of a spray bottle.  For everyone that lives in Missouri (by the Mississippi River) know all about those pesky mosquitoes.

The kids were excited for our trip.  I told them we were going to run to see the horses and eat our snacks and then we would run back. 

I thought the Clydesdale’s were at mile 3.5 but turns out… they are at mile 5. So my planned 6 mile run turned into a 10 mile jog/walk.  I love how the kids love running.  I love that they are growing up with two healthy people and getting into the healthy lifestyle on their own without being forced.  They asked if they could get out and run with me some of the way.  It’s amazing how much energy these little ones have.

By the end of the journey, the kids were done.  They both fell asleep on the ride home. (I’m surprised they didn’t fall asleep sooner.) I came home and scraped up what I could find in the refrigerator. (I need to go to the store today.)

I ended up having some chicken with goat cheese, veggie chips with salsa, and carrots with hummus.

We had a great day.. A long hot day… but a great day.  I am more motivated than ever to improve my running.  That being said, I wanted to talk about something… vent a little. 

I was asked in a comment yesterday, what my advice would be on running.  I said the biggest most important thing I have learned is to not compare your running to everyone else’s.  This is the hardest thing in the world for me.  I’m working on not caring about how fast other people are but sometimes it gets to me.  Not being able to run with “the fast group.”  Not feeling like I can talk about running because I’m not “fast.”  When I started running, I was proud and happy to finish 3 miles without stopping.  I’ve come a long way since last year when I started and I’m going to go a lot farther.  Sometimes, I lose site of that. 

I’ve played the comparison game a lot in my life.  With everything from looks, eye color,  hair color, weight, to school grades, careers, and marriages. .  I would spend hours on Facebook comparing everything in my life with all of my “friends.” I did the same thing when I started blogging.  I worried that my blog wasn’t like everyone else’s. I thought  theirs were better.  I’ve stopped all that and I don’t even think about other people when it comes to weight, looks, or personal lives.  I don’t think about my blog not being good enough. BUT…

Now, I’m doing it with running.  Do I just jump from one thing to another to compare?

I realize that I need to stop and I am working on it.  It’s tough.

This is just one of the many reasons I love blogging.  There are always people to talk to. People who are at all different places in their running lives.  People who inspire me to just be the best person I can be.

Thank you!

Question: How was your Monday?

Goat Cheese…Love or No?

What is your advice on the “Comparison head game?”




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