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Kidney Pain - Not Kidney Pain?

Posted by TwistedBarbie

I have gone to doctor after doctor after doctor complaining about a pain that feels like, really bad kidney infection pain. This pain is in the same spot that when you have a severe kidney infection is. I do have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and asked my nephrologist, if my CKD was the cause of this pain? He told me no, your kidney's do not hurt. I have also asked numerous other specialist and no one seems to have a clue to where this pain is coming from.

Does anyone else suffer from this or have any ideas? I have to many disorders to list but, they are listed on my profile.

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Hi Mandy, I too have had severe chronic pain in my left flank (kidney) area for seven years. I have parenchymal kidney disease, and also a mass in the left kidney. My kidney is damaged, has a lot of scarring, is extremely small in size, and has lost some function. I know it is frustrating, but keep pushing these doctors. Have you had any recent tests? You can have kidney pain, and don't let these doctors tell you otherwise. We know our bodies better than they do. You are not crazy! The pain is real and it IS coming from the kidney. Best of luck to you....Michelle
I also have the same- Renal Parenchymal Disease. I am in a si6tuation myself where I have just given up- I went to the Maypo Clinic where they confirmed this but basically told me there is nothing they can do- Two years later, A single mother, I am in constant chronic pain,usually on the right kidney, but sometimes on both. I am in the ER on average once a month. I eat vicoden like there candy and those are beginning to not work. I have a urologist because I was diagnosed with non obstructive Urinary Retention and now he says he thinks this is not kidney pain but Phanthom pains. BULLSHIT!!! I feel it everyday and its my kidney but no one can find out why. Tests are almost always normal- Urine is usually infected but other than that no one can find anything! I too feel crazy and worse the doctors tell me nicely that this is all in my head or rather in the memory cells. Any suggestions??

my liver is sore and my kidneys, also get a sore rite shoulder and a numbing horrible feeling in my left leg, are these all related?


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