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Kidney or Flank Pain

Posted Jul 25 2008 9:15am 3 Comments

I have gone to doctor after doctor after doctor complaining about a pain that feels like, really bad kidney infection pain. This pain is in the same spot that when you have a severe kidney infection is. I do have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and asked my nephrologist, if my CKD was the cause of this pain? He told me no, your kidney's do not hurt. I have also asked numerous other specialist and no one seems to have a clue to where this pain is coming from.

Does anyone else suffer from this or have any ideas? I wonder if this is caused from my Fibromyalgia? I have to many disorders to list but, they are listed on my profile.

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I have MS (was also diagnosed with Fibro about 15 years earlier) and experience a lot of the same pain. I also have endometriosis and had a hysterectomy and experienced a lot of adhesions. I sometimes think that my flank pain is the result of an adhesion. Yours could definitely be fibro or could be a muscle spasm or pull.

It's kind of tough, but as long as you do not have a UTI or some kidney infection and have told your nephrologist, you should be in a pretty good boat.

Not sure what it is for you, but I know I experience a lot of the same types of flank pain -- could it be a kidney stone?? Perhaps that is another option????

Best wishes,


Diana ~ Thanks, I am betting that it is from the fibro. I have not had a UTI or a kidney iinfectionin several years and no pulled muscles. It is really irritating though because it is one of those things that doctors just look at you like you're crazy or something. Luckily the doctors that I have now don't look at me like I am crazy, they are just stumped.

As for the kidney stones...I did have them at one time and some how they just vanished? I know that I didn't pass them just from what I have heard about passing a kidney stone. So, who knows where they went.

Thanks again ~ Mandy

HI Mandy,

I have been searching to find the answer to this same issue. I also have MS and wondered if it was related, however I only get this pain after I have gone to bed for the night. I wake up to use the restroom and then it happens.  On the way to the bathroom, I get the most horrid right flank spasm I have ever felt in my life and it cause me to urinate.  Its just the most painful thing I have ever experienced and dont know what it is. All I know is that as long as I do not do anything strenous I wont get it, but if I do.. Look out..  Its just awful.  There are times though that it has happened to me when I had a relaxing day so its a catch 22.  It hurts like  the dickens and I have never found out the answer. It causes me anxiety to go to sleep at night, as my side hurts even if I lay on it.  I cant lay on my right side or I get a spasm and cant move.

This is just the worst... If there is anyone that can help.. please let me know..



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