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Just Call Me Dwight

Posted Jun 10 2010 12:00am

If only I had my own personal bobble head, my life would be complete.

I’ve fallen in love with beets. And upon sharing my love of this red vegetable with my little sister, she immediately called me Dwight Schrute (from The Office).  So now whenever I eat beets I constantly think about Dwight and realize that I might have stalked Mr. Schrute for some fresh and local beets.

And when the lovely Jasmine called me about a dinner date, we chose Chop’t aka a gourmet salad cafe where you can customize beautiful salads (or wraps) or chose one of their signature salads.  Being the picky and neurotic vegan that I am: I ALWAYS customize.  And beets have become one of the star players in my Chop’t salad creations.

Beets: excellent source of folic acid, high levels of anti-carcinogens, loads of antioxidants

So Schrute Farms is an excellent example of a local produce…now if only I lived in Scranton.

And for a few giggles:

Love you Jim Halpert…

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