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just a few more examples of walking the walk

Posted Aug 22 2012 2:22pm

Nice, Kym, writing that thoughtful letter- very much walking the walk.

A few more examples to consider:

- someone I work with agreeing to go into a hospital, where she can get the care she needs- not that she's happy about having to do this, just that it's the right thing to do

- somone noticing that they feel they are being "compliant" with their decision about something- but that the decision they made happens to be the right one for them- and then going on to own that decision and tell the people around her that she made the decision for her own reasons, not to please anyone else

-someone telling me yesterday at work that they were mad at me (when they'd never been able to feel anger before, let alone express it)

- someone going to the dentist for a check up even though she seriously hates going

-someone pausing on the way to his work, just to take a moment to smell the fresh air

-someone buying a cut up apple because they wanted to be able to eat it right away- when they've always felt that buying a cut up one was "wasteful" and a "luxury" that was "too much" for them

how are those for some Walking the Walks? I bet I could go on for hours with examples... 

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