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Posted Sep 10 2012 10:28pm

Laura R, your team is right that joy is so important! And, lucky for us, we can find joy is SO many places.

Sometimes we find joy in places like in the air and light changing to autumn. That's a natural phenomen that we don't do anything to create or produce.

Sometimes we find joy in places like going to see a friend, or finishing a project. Those are things that we do create and make happen.

Either way, finding joy is awesome. 

One thing about joy to try to remember- it doesn't usually come so well if we try to directly make it happen or if we try to force it. Joy, at least in my experience, comes as a by-product of something else we're doing. You can't, despite what the fairy tales may tell us, go out an buy joy. 

So, look for things in your life that you like to do, that you find interesting, that make you smile, that make you laugh... 

Joy will come. Lots ot time we're experiencing joy and we suddenly realize, "hey, I'm feeling joy... cool..."

And even then, we don't want to do too much examining of joy- we can get too self-conscious about what we're feeling and then we restrict ourselves... kind of defeats the whole fun of it... :)

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