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It Happened and a 16 Mile Run

Posted Jul 06 2013 5:44pm
Hey! Sorry for the late post.  I’ve been having a wonderful weekend.  Ready for a lot of me talking?  The kids went to their dads for the week but before they left we went to the store to get some weekend snacks. 

     I can not remember the last time she actually sat in the cart.  Yeah, it happened.

We came back with some great new finds.  I knew I wasn’t going to feel like cooking very much all weekend so I got some special snacks and easy dinners for Josh and I. 

The kids left around 2pm and I headed straight to the gym.  I got on the elliptical for an hour at the highest intensity it would go to. I had never done that before but it was a great leg work out.  When Josh got home early around 4 we did Insanity together.  I can not tell you how fun it was.  Both of us were cracking up watching each others moves and me struggling to keep up at times.  Laughing is the number one best way to workout.

Friday nights without the kids have lately turned into our movie nights.  We rented Identity Theft and Snitch.  Identity Theft was really good, very funny.  We made it through half of Snitch before we decided to call it a night. (our bed time is 9pm everyday.) We finished it in the morning and it was a really good movie as well.  For dinner I made a quick frozen pizza.

This pizza was on sale for $4.99 and was perfect size for the both of us.  I love peppers on my pizza.

While we watched out movie we had some popcorn with those flavored seasonings on top.  I bought Jalapeno Cheddar and Ranch.  Both were great once we figured out how to eat it.  You can’t inhale as you eat the popcorn or the seasoning makes you cough.  It was actually pretty funny, the both of us trying to figure it out and drinking a while bottle of water trying to contain our coughing… totally worth it though.

This morning our 5:30 wake up turned into not wanting to get up until 6:30.  I kept putting off the run and putting off the run.  I was trying hard to coax Josh into going tomorrow but he said no, we’re going like we said we were going.  THIS is just one reason I keep him around.  We pack our waters and Gu’s and drove 20 minutes north to Grant’s Trail .  We got there around 8:45.

Grant’s Trail is an 8 mile stretch of fairly flat biking and running trail just south of St. Louis.  It’s beautiful.

You pass Grant’s farm and can see the Clydesdale’s along the way.

The heat was pretty killer since we waited so long to get started.   We took GU at miles 8 and 12.  Usually, I don’t like the taste of GU’s.  I don’t like the texture either.  But Josh found me the BEST tasting GU ever.  I was savoring it, it was so good.  It’s Salted Caramel.  Josh asked to try it but when he saw the evil look I gave him, he immediately said, never mind. It’s a seasonal GU so I believe I need to stock up on them for my fall races.

16 miles is the farthest I’ve ran so far.  I felt great almost the whole run.  I know I need to really invest in some spandex shorts though. I have one pair of capris and they’re for cold weather.  I can’t wear shorts because I am not one of those little ladies with a thigh gap.  At mile 14 I really needed some pep talking.  My legs felt a little like Jello and I could feel myself getting emotional.  We took a short 10 second break and I got myself together.  The rest of the way I had Josh talking in my ear about how good I was doing and how close we were to being done.  All I was thinking about was a nice cool shower.

The feeling of endorphins when it was all over was pretty amazing.  You better believe my booty had to post about that one on Facebook.  We headed home and made some guacamole, a big salad, cottage cheese and pineapple followed by a nap. 

(This picture is me AFTER the run. I was pooped.)

One thing I had no idea that happens when you run…  When we got in the car I noticed what looked like sand on my shoulders, arms, and lefts.  I told Josh I got sand on me or something some how.  He kind of laughed and told me it was salt.  I knew you lose salt when you run long distances in the heat but I had never knew you could actually see it and it actually looks like salt coming out of you. (once you cool down with the car air conditioner.) I learn something new every run, for sure.

I’m making hot wings as we speak for tonight’s UFC fight. (It takes 4 hours to make the good kind.) Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Question: What’s the longest you’ve ran?

St. Louisain’s… Ever been to Grant’s Trail?

How to you flavor your popcorn?

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