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Is Compulsive Overeating Treatable?

Posted Aug 03 2010 8:00pm

Compulsive overeating is the uncontrollable urge to consume large portions of food frequently. This is similar to an addiction where the person feels an overwhelming desire to eat at all times. Usually, compulsive overeating tendencies emerge from deep seated reasons and require psychotherapy during treatment. This eating disorder is perhaps the most difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are not very acute initially. As overeating is a common tendency with most people having such episodes in their lifetimes, compulsive overeating can be confused with harmless episodes of overeating.

Who Is a Compulsive Eater?

The common signs and symptoms of compulsive overeating in the affected person may include

  • Eating large portions of food
  • Frequently eating even when full or not hungry
  • Fluctuations in weight with a tendency toward weight gain
  • Gorging in private
  • Eating when upset or hurt
  • Rapid pace of eating
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Socially reclusive behavior
  • Low self esteem and feelings of guilt after eating

Treatment for Compulsive Overeating

Parents of children who suffer from this eating disorder often ask themselves ‘is compulsive overeating treatable?’ The good news is that like all other eating disorders, cases of compulsive overeating can be treated in specialist centers with success. Treatment is done at specialized centers through a multidisciplinary approach. Treatment should include providing a structured meal plan for normalization of food intake, nutritional counseling, and medications if required, exercise and psychotherapy with an aim to improve insight into the disorder, reduce eating disorder behavior and help the client develop a healthy lifestyle. Therapy is provided in individual and group sessions. The family is also made a part of the treatment and is counseled accordingly.

Castlewood treatment Center for Eating Disorders, located in a serene environment in Missouri, has earned a reputation for treating eating disorder patients successfully. The center has a team of specialists, experienced in treating such conditions. Visit the website to learn more details.

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