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Is a tomato a fruit?

Posted Jul 01 2014 2:27pm
Good morning.  It’s Tuesday but it feels like Friday for me because I will be off the rest of the week for our family vacation.  Yaye!  I’m pretty excited about this trip.  It will be our first family vacation.

Yesterday’s doctors appointment went very well.  I’m measuring right at 17 weeks and the heart beat is strong and the baby is really kicking.  I can feel little movements sometimes already and I’m really excited for them to start getting stronger.   The doctor gave me different medication for my head aches and told me to not drink anymore caffeine. He said it restricts the placenta.

I took the medicine for the first time this morning and I’m not sure about it.  I feel nauseous and to be honest, my head still hurts. I may just have to deal with them naturally.  It’s a scary thought. I had head aches when I was pregnant with Braiden but nothing like I do now.   I have to remember that all that matters right now is that the baby is doing great.

Yesterday I went for the Audrey Hepburn look.


Yes, another selfie.  I saw this article on Facebook that said something about taking selfies could become a disorder?  Seriously.  I don’t believe half of what I read on Facebook.  But I bet another name for the disorder could be Blogger disorder.


Anyway, Speaking of Audrey, I thought this was the coolest Ink art.


Our first garden is finally producing some vegetables! (Or fruit, since some people say tomatoes are fruits.)


This was our first year and since I haven’t felt well we decided to go small with a couple tomato plants and some jalapeno plants.

I know this is kind of a random post but to be honest I’m really kind of out of it at the moment.   Between the nausea and my head, just looking at the computer is hard.  I will see you guys tomorrow!

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