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is 2 to 3 chips are bad

Posted by dancegirl

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Dancegirl, chips, in and of themselves, are not bad! No food is, in and of itself, bad! That a food is somehow bad or good is one of the myths people can develop in their heads. This will probably sound weird to you, but chips (as well as chocolate, cookies, pasta, french fries, cheese, bagels... ANY food) can easily be part of a sustainable, reasonable and healthy way of eating. I bet a dietician would tell you it's totally ok to eat some chips every day of your life and you'd still be perfectly ok. If fact, I know lots of people who are totally healthy and fit and happy who eat some chips every day. Of course, you'd want to eat a bunch of other foods in addition to the chips that have significant nutritional value (chips don't have protein in them, for example). A dietician friend of mine subscribes to the 80/20 rule. Her basic rule is that 80% of what she eats she considers "healthy and nutritionally dense" (so, things like lean sources of protein, fruits, veggies, healthy carbs, healthy fats/oils, and sources of vitamins and minerals like calcium) and then about 20% gets to be for fun, just because it tastes good or she likes it or wants it. She's amazingly healthy and fit- and happy and not obsessed about her body, food or weight. Dancegirl, the more you can get away from the good/bad thinking about food, the happier and calmer you'll be. 
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