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Intuitive Eating for Eating Disorder Recovery

Posted Sep 06 2011 9:07am

intuitive eating and eating disorder recoveryToday’s Q&A Tuesday Question is from Rish and it is about Intuitive Eating and eating disorder recovery. Is it possible to achieve full eating disorder recovery through intuitive eating and does the obsession with food, weight and dieting just transfer over to “Intuitive Eating” where we become just as obsessed?

That is the focus of today’s Video and this is a great topic and a great challenge that CAN be overcome and must be talked about.

The question comes from Rish, who is a perfectionist (relate, anyone?!?) and is worried that she is obsessing about Intuitive Eating just as much as she did about food and weight loss. Is this possible and what do you do about it?

Rish, this makes perfect sense, because we are predisposed to obsession and compulsion and of course your disease wants to keep you in that state of endless obsession and so it will turn healthy eating and intuitive eating into just another manifestation of itself.

But there is a way out and around this. It means following the same principles that I discuss in my EBook – recover From eating Disorders – and it comes down to letting go completely of anything and everything that triggers the obsession.

That means – do not go researching intuitive eating, forget “measuring” your hunger, keeping “notes” of your hunger scale, tracking your food and anything else that keeps the focus ON food and OFF your life.

Complete recovery is about FREEDOM.

My definition of complete eating disorder recovery is that you have complete mental, emotional and physical freedom.

It is about coming back in touch with yourself, your intuition. it is about determining what you want to eat, what you like, don’t like, and getting  rid of good vs bad food rules.

Get rid of that thinking. There is no good food or bad food. it is only the thinking that makes it one way or the other. I have been the same weight for 6 years and I eat what I want, when I want and I do not stick to any sort of “healthy” eating or “rules”.

But Rish, you are spot on with questions, and you also know the answer – you said it yourself.

LET GO of the obsession.

Stop researching, don’t look up web sites and blogs about it – let go of it all.

Take attention OFF everything that has to do with food weight, etc even if it is “packaged” as healthy eating, because the whole point is to get back in touch with YOUR body, not another external plan.

Even my plans and programs are designed to teach you not to listen to me, but to listen to YOU!

The key to success is persistence, faith and to practice, practice, practice.Practice listening to your body, your intuition, you internal hunger cues.

Thanks Rish for your awesome question! Watch the full video response here:

Please keep posting your most pressing questions. What do you really want help with? What is stopping you from achieving full and complete recovery? What is your number one challenge?

In my Recover From Eating Disorders Ebook , there is a lot of  detail about this specific topic and it gives you step by step instructions on how to completely let go of the obsession, have a complete mindset shift so that a complete change takes place in your internal belief system to the extent that you absolutely believe that complete recovery is possible.

I teach you tools to make those paradigm shifts, specific examples of what I did and how I dealt with challenges like exercise, compulsive thoughts and negative thinking.

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