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Introduction - new recovery memoir (one year + one girl: one recovery)

Posted Dec 14 2009 1:16am

Day 0 - intro

I am feeling: excited
Welcome to the start of a 365 day insight into life after an eating disorder. I am still in that stage of transition from recover ing to recover ed. Who knows, maybe I'll get there during these next 12 months and I will have the opportunity to share that with you all!

There seems to be a formula for memoirs relating to eating disorders and other mental illnesses. A formula that includes distressing, evocative scenes of pain and despair, and in some cases graphic details of behaviours and consequences. These books have their place—they can create awareness of the serious nature of these illnesses. But, they often focus almost exclusively on the suffering part... the person finally seeks help, or leaves hospital, or just gets to the point of recovered. And those that do discuss recovered state have a imbalance between suffering and getting better and being better.

But, what happens next? What is life like after the chaos of intensive treatment. That's where One year + One girl comes in! :) I'm not going to chronicle the pain of my disorder, the behaviours I do etc. Rather, I want to show that that intensive treatment is only one part of recovery...and life gets less 'difficult'. I'm not here to teach you how to recover but if you read a skill that you relate to by all means learn from my experience.

Naturally, you are going to want to know a bit about my disorder. I will not go into any great detail as it doesn't matter how sick or for how long. I will say this: my eating disorder started in pre-pubescence as a way of coping with a destructive home life. My eating disorder took many forms. I was sicker than some and not as sick as others. But, that didn't determine my worthiness of treatment. I have undertaken a number of treatments in various capacities at a variety of weight ranges. I am still currently under treatment for a number of issues, including my eating disorder. I have two therapists: a registrar at my local hospital (K) and my private psychiatrist (Dr C) I am currently at a good/healthy weight for my body and have no clinical signs of I'm pretty healthy at the moment (apart from a common cold)

I am being purposefully vague as it is not my eating disorder that is the focus here, it's what comes next. Also, it isn't all I am.

I love to crochet; the summer heat means I'm not doing it so much but it is a newly loved hobby. I also scrapbook. I have a 'reason's to recover' scrapbook in the works as well as a 'memorable moments' scrapbook. I like to draw—graphite pencils being my tool of choice. Oh, and I have rediscovered my love of baking...there will be recipes and photos of my culinary masterpieces!

I am a Nanny to a lovely girl (who I shall call Little Miss) and we go to art galleries, movies, we paint at home, bake, and generally hang-out.

So this is who I am and I hope you all enjoy the ride!
x Keira

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