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introducing... a new award

Posted Feb 19 2010 11:19am

Yes, that's right... we're inventing a new award today... just because, well, just because we can. I had thought of calling it the "Anti-perfectionist Award" but that sounded too somehow perfectionistic! So..

Today we'll unveil the "Perfection Deflection Award" (I can just see your eyes rolling at how dorky that sounds- and I have to agree- but it's kind of catchy, right? And silly enough that we'll all have the right spirit about it, which is really the point anyway).

What is the Perfection Deflection Award? Glad you asked. You all know how perfectionistic thinking ruins the day. And you know how often we talk about ways to identify and rearrange that kind of thinking. I thought it'd be fun to have a way to celebrate times when someone catches themselves in perfectionistic thinking.

As usual on this blog, this is a community project. Any of us can nominate anyone for the award. And nominating someone automatically gets them the award- because I can just see all you perfectionists and competitive people, and most tricky- the competitive perfectionists, beginning to sweat, thinking, "Omg, what do I have to do to get the award and what if I fail :) So chill dudes... the award's just for fun and everyone can get it, anytime they catch themselves thinking perfectionistically.

The award can be given a million times a day or once a month or whatever. And you can get it over and over and over- no quota or limit ever. The more often the better as far as I'm concerned.

You guys can nominate yourselves (say, by writing in with an example of where you caught yourself thinking perfectionistically that day) or nominate something someone else said on the blog- even if he/she didn't notice that she'd caught herself thinking perfectionistically. You just can't nominate me- because I'm perfect... totally kidding :) You still can't nominate me though...

Our inaugural Perfection Deflection Award goes to our friend Courtney, who wrote a couple of days ago about having always thought that people "had to be 100% like" her or "something was wrong" and they couldn't be like-mindeds with her. She realized she was thinking perfectionistically and that people don't need to be 100% like her in order for her to be friends and like-mindeds (I see we've now adopted that term! Here we are, our little blog, coming up with new language and changing the world :) So, yay for Courtney, and thanks for giving us a chance to institute our new award.

Ok, guys, nominate away... (oh, and no fair getting perfectionistic about this IN ANY WAY. I for one, am acutely award that we'll not be able to nominate every single time everyone catches themselves- so no taking it personally if we miss one or two- and please bring it to all our attention if that happens, so we can properly celebrate a "catch"). My ultimate goal is for you guys to catch yourselves so often that we'd have to be nominating and awarding millions of times a day- when that happens, you'll have really gotten good at dealing with this perfectionism stuff! 

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