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I was diagnosed with anorexia a few years ago. i was in recovery for about a year and recently had a relapse. i've been trying t

Posted by jluxeee

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I have struggled with my eating disorder for 6 years. You are not alone. I have relapsed many, many times. I was hospitalized in eating disorder units twice. One of the many things I learned is that it is very easy to relapse. The majority of "us" will. When we do relapse, we need to be forgiving to ourselves. ( For me personally, that is easier said than done.) Just start over again in your recovery steps.It is like the saying if we first  don't succeed try,  try again. Like I said, I relapsed so many times. I used to be a 28 year-old 75 lbs. woman. Now, I'm ALOT heavier. I struggle almost everyday with it and I know I always will. If I was to relapse today, I know that it's ok. I am only human. I just need to remember my steps to recovery and start them again. Try to find someone positive and understanding to talk to. You are still in control of your E.D. Just NEVER give-up.After all, your life is worth the fight

i toally agree :

well said !:)

just keep strong and fight- i was diagnosed with an eating disorder only 1 month ago and i have only had anorexia for 2-3 months so im fairly new.

im only 13 and scared and i feel so alone in this i have so much help from ROS (reaching out service) and many more like CAMS but i cant help but feel strangled and chained into this and i feel as nobody understands me and my E.D but if you keep strong and fight im sure you can gain control because at the end of the day you have got to think this is your life and your bodyx

so keep strong :)

good luck - all my luv and wishesxxxxxxxx 

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