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I took a dump

Posted Oct 18 2008 1:22pm

But not that kind.

I had what I think was my first major dumping episode last night--almost two years out.

I had a day of not much protein--maybe 30 grams--and more "filler" food. Then we went to friends for dinner. There I had 1 square of pizza. And two Sand Creek Hard Lemonades.

I felt fine, just a little buzzed. About a half hour after the last lemonade, I started to feel really, really hot and my stomach hurt. So we left.

About a mile of the drive home, I had to pull over so Rose could drive. I was alternating between hot and cold. I started to shake. I felt like my gut was going to explode. I got home, barely walking into the house. I stripped off my clothes and laid on the bed. The room was spinning, my body was shaking. Rose brought me a protein drink to down and left it for me to open. I couldnt' open it...or rather, I couldn't figure out how to open it.

When she came back, she did open it. I drank it. 15 minutes later the goose bumps and the sweating stopped. My heart stopped racing and the room spinning slowed. Another 15 minutes and I could walk again.

So, is that dumping? Delayed drunkeness? I thought I was going to die. I think it might be because of lack of protein coupled with the carbs from drinking and the alcohol. But just to be clear, it was not like being buzzed or even wasted. I think it was dumping.

Beth, what do you think, oh dizzy one?

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