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I need help doctors won't listen to me

Posted by Helpless1

About two years ago I was hurt pretty bad by my daughters father (not with him anymore) he cheated and I felt it was because I was too thin still feel that way the pain hurt so bad that I slowly just stopped eating the stress pain and all just wouldn't allow me to eat and I still feel this way. Stress comes so naturally the smallest things set me off and I eat maybe a slice of bread to keep me alive a day the thought an look of food makes me wanna throw up. I hate it I want to gain weight more than anything but eating literally hurts . I am 22 years old 5'7" weigh 103 I should also mention the reason I'm just know coming for advice elsewhere I am now married to an amazon man and am 8 weeks pregnant so you can see why I'm concerned being that I am bringing in life as well so now it really is important that I get help does anyone have any advice ps I have talked to docs all over and no one seems to want to help me!!!
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