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I'm up here, sir!

Posted Jul 26 2012 4:38pm
From the "I just knew you were staring at my boobs," file, Our Brains See Men as Whole and Women As Parts.

Seriously, this is what we women are often "on about" and what the feminist era tried so heroically to extirpate or at least point out. But of course we women also do it to ourselves: carve ourselves and others into pieces for comparison and competition, leaving men whole.

So questions come to mind: if this is true then is it more or less so in traditional and more egalitarian societies? Is if affected by age? Is it innate, or a learned thing? Do some people do it a lot more than others?

A few years ago I wrote about how my exposure to the ED world made me hyper-aware of body shape and that I instituted Chin-up excercises to make the world a better place . In that case I was able to consciously change my way of looking at people and have a genuine effect on my well-being. So the question is: can our reflexive way of analyzing bodies be consciously changed?

And this: if we were able to reconstitute women's bodies would we treat them better? Would we treat ourselves better? Is there the possibility that there are benefits to this dissection where some of us find such joy in a selection of our parts that help us skim over less favored parts? Is this like the plumage of male birds and its absence would change our sexual chemistry?

Do people blind from birth think of women as a number of parts, and men as one hunk of humanity?
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