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I Love #4

Posted May 11 2013 12:03pm
Happy Saturday everyone!  My stomach was still hurting last night so I didn’t go outside for my 12 mile run but I did go to the gym and  ran on a treadmill.  Even though I didn’t have to use the bathroom during my run, I like to play it safe. ;)   Anywho… moving on.

Thing’s I love this week.


  • I love turkey burgers.  Especially the ones I made last night.  (I also love onions, as you can see)

  • I love flowers.  One of my favorite things about Spring is all the flowers in bloom.  Even though I really suck at keeping plants alive.

  • I love how much my family loves music and how the kids already want to start learning. My mom wanted me and my siblings to play something. (I play piano, my brother play guitar, my sister doesn’t play anything but knows more about music than I do)  I’m thankful for that.
joshbraiden 001

piano 010

  • I love that this world is so beautiful.  I haven’t traveled much but the few places I have been to have been great.  I can not wait to see the world with my family.  I want to give my kids the experience of seeing what’s out there. I think it’s really important especially since we live in such a small town.  I got married and became a mom so young.  I didn’t get to travel, or do anything really on my own.  I used to get sad about it but now I know that not only can I still travel but I get to experience it with the people I love.

Florida Keys.


Florida Key’s again on my morning run. Stop and look at the beauty. :-)



  • I love that I’m getting confident about taking pictures of myself.  I will admit that even when I started this blog, I hated how I looked in pictures.  Sometimes it had to do with my weight and other times it didn’t.  I was not born a naturally photogenic person.  I’ve googled it a thousand times and read tips and tricks on how to look better in pictures.  I think I’ve gotten better at posing and the angles of pictures but I’ve also learn to be okay with looking silly sometimes.   I don’t want every picture to be a self picture but that seems to be the trend lately until Braiden gets old enough to become my personal photographer.  He already follows me around all day long.
20130509_162126 20130508_114740 20130413_191336


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