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i have been on the special k diet for 5 years where i simply eat 2 bowls of cereal a day and probably a meal in between...someti

Posted by charlene

i started the diet 5-6yrs ago with 2 bowls of cereal and a small meal a day i lost quite a bit of weight on it so i stuck to the diet and kept losing until i reached my goal. i now feel very addicted to special k and crave it at night when i'm going to sleep. sometimes i wake up around 1am to go and have another bowl. i don't use sugar on it just canderel. i use alpro soya milk, light version, because where i used to eat it so much i think i developed a milk intolerance so i had to change milks.

everyone knows me as the cereal girl, when i go out i pack a tub of cereal and a bottle of alpro and im on my way! i hardly eat anything else and when i do i always go back to my cereal in the end beacuse i know it is low calorie and it fills me up. maybe too much as i feel sick when i finish a bowl but it fills me up quicker than an actual meal and i dont crave sweets after eaing it as it is already sweet. however, i do crave salty which is a bum because then i head for cheese and crackers !

can aqnyone tell me what years of eating just this cereal can do to a person and what symptoms a person has after long term cereal abuse.

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