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i have an eating disorder but cant afford inpatient treatment any help please

Posted by amethisticedrops

i only have arkansas medicaid and they dont pay for eating disorder treatment out of state but there are none in my state arkansas are there any helpfull answers im deperate
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Escape to Reality Foundation is an organization that provides eating disorder treatment scholarships to those in the St. Louis area --- however, even if you're not in the area - we have a database of various locations offering scholarships and research opportunities that provide free treatment -
I second NYSPI in New York- if you are eligible for research, the treatment is free. I was there in 2006/2007 and it was the best treatment I have ever had.


Try Mercy Ministries like she said above it is a free christian long term residential home- that is what i am waiting to get into. Good luck

There are a few free options out there.

 Check out NYSPI- Columbia Medical Research ED Facility (Acute Inpatient):

Also, try Mercy Ministries (Free Christian Long-Term Residential):

Check out the FREED Foundation- they have some scholarships.  Also, call the treatment centers direct.  I got a partial scholarship at the Renfrew Center when I was in college because insurance wouldn't pay.  Other places might have them as well.

Option B is to appeal the Medicaid denial- I'm guessing you've tried, but it's always worth another shot.

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