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I Felt Speedy

Posted Jul 19 2013 7:39am
It’s Friday!  I’m actually really ready for the weekend because we have a lot to get done. We are having a yard sale and all of our things must make it’s way into boxes.  Plus I must fit in a 14 mile run.  Life is crazy busy and it’s great. The stress is nothing some sugary goodness filled with sea salt caramel or caramel crunch won’t fix.  I think we all know what I’m talking about. (New readers… It’s Gelato.)

I felt SO MUCH BETTER yesterday after I had a big ol’ bowl of this…

My body really needed whole grain carbs.  I could tell such a big difference with my run today.  Oatmeal, I am sorry about giving you up for eggs.  It was just a fling, I promise.

Training Run: I did 6 miles of cross training on the elliptical and felt freakin fantastic. (freakin fantastic Friday? Just throwing that out there) After I was all warmed up I stepped over to the treadmill.  We meet again.  I did 4 x 800.  I LOVE SPEED WORK!  It makes me feel so great about myself and so darn speedy! My half miles went like this…

0-.25 of a mile @ 8:30 pace

.25-.35 @ 8:00 pace

.35-.40 @ 7:30 pace

.40-.50 @ 7:00 pace

30 second rest in between each half mile. repeat 4 times (2 miles)

I felt so great and I could have done more but I ran out of time. The 8:30 pace felt so easy to me.  All my runs will be at that pace before I know it.

Wednesday, I had zero appetite.  Yesterday, man on man… my body wanted to play catch up!  When I got home from the gym I had a snack of some nuts (walnuts and almond mix rocks)

the last half of an almond butter cookie. I don’t know who ate the first half but I didn’t care.

and some cucumbers and salsa. Yes, that is a little Scarlet hand steeling my food again.  I tell ya, you have to guard food with your life in this house.

After Scarlet’s nap I made lunch of spaghetti squash, fire roasted tomatoes, and grilled chicken breast.

Oh, and hot sauce. Don’t try this at home, folks.

For a “dessert” I stole a snack from the kids.  These things are pretty tasty!

I do consider blogging one of my jobs and it does require a lot of work. (Picture courtesy of Braiden’s new infatuation with the camera) I do my best to balance training, home duties, blogging, and being a mom. Do I really look that mean when I blog?  I’m happy, I promise!

Braiden LOVES when Scarlet takes a nap. We get to do all kinds of fun things together.   We bake together..

Delicious Almond Butter Cookies were made Tuesday.  It was just a dump and go. Almond butter, agave, an egg, grass-fed butter, baking soda, baking powder and flour.  

We also get to fish in the living room everyday.

I love my time at home, I love my time at the gym, and I love my time blogging.  Speaking of… I love my bloggy friends!  I met up with these beautiful ladies last night! Sadie , Linz, Jennifer , Stefani, Me, Christina , and Lea.

We went to a place called stir crazy.  I didn’t order anything. Josh and I are saving every penny right now for some new running shoes and gelato.  Just talking with them was a blast.

Talk it up!

Does anyone have any long runs planned for the weekend?

(14 miler for me either Saturday or Sunday)

Do you attend blogger meet ups?

(They are the best!)

Have you ever given up something like eating out so you can invest in sugary goodness and fitness gear?

(Every day of my life.)

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