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I am still a Food Addict

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:37pm
Today has been a good day. Seven days have gone by and I have been able to stay away from flour, wheat and sugar products. I feel tired, and have a headache, but i will survive. I know I feel this way because I am detoxing from flour, wheat and sugar products. The fact that I have been abstenint for 7 days, gives me reason to celebrate in a quiet way. I finally feel I will be able to continue with the recovery process of staying away from foods that cause cravings for me.
Yesterday, I wanted to buy a vanilla latte. I went to the store, ordered the latte, paid for it and then took a few sips and decided it wasn't what I wanted to drink, in the first place. When a trash basket was found, I put the latte there. It may not seem a lot to most people. However for me it was quite a big thing. I was able to make the choice to not want to drink the coffee, after tasting it. It meant to me, I was able to make decision about what I want to eat . I am finding that analyzing what I am obsessing about, at any particular time, helps me to get to the root of what is going on, at any particular time. Using food for comfort has been a nightmare for me, and sometimes its hard to figure out, if I am feeling hunger, or if I just need to talk to someone.
I have used food for comfort all my life. Its a way of numbing my real thoughts and thinking I can replace the emotion at the time with the food.. I am learing that two minutes of pure chocalate bliss, isn't worth the guilt, or the self loathing. Habits are so hard to break, but they can be broken, if we can just stop tripping over ourselves for a few minutes, and see where they are leading us . I guess the question we all need to ask ourselves is; do we eat ourselves, till we are sick or do we eat meals, that are sensible and healthy and well planned out thoughtout each day. Feel free to share your thoughts.
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