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Hunger Pains

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:21pm
Ever think about your first thought following a hunger pang?

I can’t be hungry—I just ate.
I shouldn’t have any more calories today.

How about your first feeling?


I invite you to experiment with honoring your hunger. This is your body working as it was designed to do, and this is you, receiving a message.

I may have eaten recently, but I guess I could use something else.
Rather than counting calories, I’m going to try to attend to my body’s signals and have that be my eating guide.

It’s likely that you’ll eat more frequently throughout the day. It’s also likely that you’ll begin to eat less on each occasion. Because, with each “woo-hoo” experience, you’re learning to respect your hunger, which teaches you, among other things, how to respect your satiety.
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