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Hump Day

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:05am more ways than one.

As soon as I finish my paper tomorrow (later today, really), I will be half done with my master's.


It's one of those feelings where it seems the semester has flown by, yet dragged on for-freaking-ever. To be honest, I'm exhausted.

I think I've found the career for me, which is a relief. With the other jobs and fields I've been in, I found it interesting but not something I wanted to do for years to come. This isn't to say my anxiety about what I'm going to do after graduation is any lower. At all.

I had an interview this morning for an internship for the spring semester, and I was asked what I wanted out of my career as a science writer. I said that I loved being able to talk to interesting people about interesting things. Which is all very true, but really? I want a paycheck and health insurance.


And enough leftover to keep myself supplied in beads. Though my Etsy sales have been decent enough to self-sustain in terms of supplies.

Which brings me to a second point: I am only $10 short of reaching my $100 goal for the G old Fork Project fundraiser for the National Eating Disorders Association . The necklaces are $20 each, and half of that money goes directly to NEDA.

Not that I'm dropping any subtle hints here. Not me. Nope nope nope.
My eyes are gradually sliding shut.
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