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Howling at Wolves

Posted Jun 09 2012 11:26am
I am a feminist. Unapologetically and without parenthetical demurral. I believe women are unfairly regarded and treated and that social justice and quality of life require equal rights and a rejection of misogyny. I shouldn't have to provide my bona fides on this, but I find I often DO because my assertion that EDs are not a feminist issue (or a female issue or a symptom of sexism) tends to lead to questions about my own values.

I won't bore you with details, but my lifetime commitment to feminism is genuine and -- as it should be -- isn't always easy.

Questioning Naomi Wolf is a sacrilege to feminism, I know. It puts me in bed with people with very different fetishes. But question I do, and have.

I believe the assertion of an eating disorder epidemic and OUTRAGEOUSLY wrong statistics on prevalence have done more to hurt ED advocacy than Wolf has ever helped. I've sat unsmiling, literally, amid standing ovation for Wolf's poor grasp on facts or logic.

That's why I find such comfort and feel such gratitude for Tetyana , and for ELT , for speaking truth to Girl Power here. The one chance I had to talk to Wolf made me so sad. She has spent so many years being lauded and thanked for her facile ideas about EDs and it must be hard to have the same sort of moxy SHE dared to have in a hostile past calling her to account now. But we should.

Eating disorders don't have to be a feminist issue to be important, and the objectification and denial of women's rights doesn't have to cause eating disorders to be important to us.
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