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How to Stop Binge Eating Part 3 – 30 Days of Self Love

Posted Aug 16 2012 4:16am

Welcome back to the third part of the “How to Stop Binge Eating” Series. I hope you are all taking action, implementing new changes and always, always focusing on that “ideal vision”.

I still do it! For various areas of my life and it is a powerful and energetically transforming process. It shifts you out of the present discomfort and helps you see the bigger goal, the unlimited possibilities that exist for your life.

We are continuing on with the “change plan” and the essential elements that need to go into this binge eating recovery plan.

This week there are 2 additional components to the Binge eating recovery change plan, but they do require action! I am very serious about this – I recently had to go through something difficult, and I kept hearing the right message and my response was just “I know, I know”… but “knowing” did not change anything.

DOING did.

There is a big difference here, so I hope you all take my weekly suggestions and actually implement them and take action. Action creates momentum and momentum leads to lasting change.

Check out the latest how to stop binge eating video and see what we have in store…


So this week, as simple as it sounds, its gotta be done. I will do it too – I get the “resistance” – so I will lead the charge and I would love you guys to drop me a comment with your action plan.

The action exercise is to think of  (and write down!) 30 self loving things you can do for yourself for the next 30 days… so we have to write out at least 30 different things, big or small, ok?

Sound good? It may seem unrelated to anything, but you will notice what happens… ill put it in my calendar to ask you in 30 days.

The second part of the change plan to stop binge eating is getting support and accountability. Think about this for the rest of the week and we will discuss it in more detail in next week’s training.

Now, lets get to work! 30 items… you can check mine out in the next post.

P.S. Don’t forget that the 30 Day Recovery E course will be launching soon. 30 days of step by step guidance, worksheets, video training and truly creating mindset shifts that get out out of the eating disorder rut and into the freedom and possibility that is available. But the first 30 days are the toughest – I know – and this is where you MUST have support because the eating disorder is loud as hell, the old brain neural pathways are strongly bonded and you are fighting an uphill battle alone.

That is where the daily focus, support and action steps in the 30 Day Program come in. It is accountability, support and it is your friend to stand up to the eating disorder B.S. Cos’ when you’re in it, that old voice can get very loud and persuasive… listen to the other voice, you CAN recover. Sign up to get on board => Get me In! <= and breeze through those first 30.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

Henry David Thoreau

Love + Freedom
Always. It’s Yours. Get It.
Nina :)

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