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How to Snack Without Getting Fat))

Posted Sep 25 2012 5:03pm

Did you know that when you are on a diet, dr dre beats by dre  if you eat something and no one sees you - it doesn't contain any calories! Of course that's not true monster beats by dre solo.. cheap dre beats studio.but it is how many of us think! Learn how to beat the hunger pains between meals beats by dre studio black.

Are you a secret snacker? Do you eat when you are bored, beats by dre solo monster  upset, dr dre headphones price  angry? Does every day mean a chocolate bar for you? Snacking beats from dr dre.the secret sins of most people wanting to lose weight dre beats accessories.

As a wellness mentor I find that people are often feeling so guilty about snacking they are embarrassed to talk about it openly beats pro by dr dre. Women in particular laugh nervously when I ask them what happens to their food consumption around 4pm beats by dr dre warranty. This often is the time of the day when the "Snack Monster" rises up and takes control of them! Often these women berate themselves with ideas about being weak and out of control beats by dre. They either eventually give up on their diet altogether or develop counter thoughts so they don't feel so bad. "It didn't really matter - it is fat free" dr dre beats tour review. Or, beats by dre shirt  "if no one notices, the calories don't count" dr dre pro beats.

Your diet does not have to be like this in ear beats.

You can lose weight without being hungry. You can learn to take control of the "Snack Monster" and your program can be one to set you up for success, beats by dre bluetooth review  not failure beats by dr dre wireless.

An important key is to learn how to recognize what your body requires, the signals it gives you, beats beats by dre  and learn how to respond to those signals appropriately – diet and guilt are two words that do not belong together beats by dre a.

Hunger is the body's way of telling us we need to replenish depleted nutrients. Unfortunately our body can't say "I need more vitamin D". That would make things so easy! Many of us interpret hunger pains as our body saying "I need more fat", beats by dre studio cheap  "I need more sugar".

The keys to healthy snacking are:

1 most popular beats by dre. Know what foods to avoid, and

2 monster tour beats by dre. Planning – get yourself organized.

What is a healthy snack? One that contains little or no sugar, little or no salt (sodium), Monster Beats  no white flour and no saturated fat. Check the food labels to see what is inside. Many foods are now labeled 'fat free' but are laden with sugars and will still cause an influx of calories. Do not assume that 'fat free' means healthy! Western societies are eating more and more fat free foods, beats by dre beats by dre  and yet obesity levels are rising faster than ever.

Healthy snacks do not live in a vending machine.

Here are some healthy snack ideas.

Raw vegetables, beats by dre studios  such as celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, in ear beats by dre  green pepper, green beans, tour beats by dre  cucumbers, mushrooms or zucchini may be served with a lowfat dip.
Fresh fruit in season.
Lowfat quick breads and muffins, such as pumpkin, zucchini, cheap beats by dr dre  banana or bran.
Non-sugared cereals, snack mixes made with popcorn and whole grain cereal.
Lowfat yogurt with fresh, beat by dre cheap  frozen or canned fruit black and red beats by dr dre.
Shakes with lowfat milk or yogurt and fruit.
A few squirts of butter-flavored spray and a sprinkle of garlic or onion powder on popcorn
Organize yourself to stay on track.

Plan to have a small snack mid morning and mid afternoon. It is much better to curb your hunger than to starve yourself.
Plan your snacks as part of your overall daily food plan.
Organize your week – especially if you work outside the home. Write a list of snacks for the entire week and make sure you shop ahead. Buy enough to last the whole week.
Buy a variety of healthy snacks so you don't get bored.
A report has shown that people who have a healthy intake of food in four of five episodes throughout the day are less prone to obesity than those who eat three or less times during the day.

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