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How Thai Food Saved My Life

Posted Apr 26 2012 10:48pm
Obesity is life threatening, therefore Thai food saved my life.

Whenever I decide to "change my diet" and embark upon a weight loss plan, I am instantly overcome with cravings for pizza, pasta, chips, and desserts.  Fortunately, one of my cravings is completely acceptable on any and all diets.

Thai food. 

I have the eating habits of a small child, therefore I only order "Pad Broccoli" which is just chicken, broccoli, and brown rice in a garlicy brown sauce that is so good I could drink it.  The sauce doesn't seem to have many offenders in it, so all in all it's a healthy meal.

Several times a week I come home from work desperate for anything but grilled chicken or beef and something green.  Thankfully, Thai food is just a phone call away and produces essentially the same food combo but with a sauce that makes it palatable.

If it was socially acceptable I'd order Thai food every night.  I've actually considering rotating five nearby Thai places so that they just think I order once a week (I know how insane that sounds) but have too much guilt to spend $20 every night on Pad Broccoli and chicken satay (duh, for breakfast the next day, didn't I mention my diets are all low carb?).

I literally will never turn down the opportunity to eat Thai food.  I actually just ordered some because writing this post made me want it.

I somehow suspect that if I travelled to Thailand and ordered Pad Broccoli with Chicken (#42) I'd be met with blank stares.  I don't think this is really "traditional" Thai food, but as a classic Mid-Atlantic gal, this is about as ethnic as I get.  Pitiful.

So in an effort to "cook more" or whatever, I found a loophole.  I learned that I can order extra sauce on the side!  EXTRA SAUCE!  It comes in a little tupperware container and can be applied directly to bland broccoli and chicken and I can kinda-sorta make my own Thai food.  Sha-wing!

It looks gross, but it tastes like magic.

Anyway, thanks Thai places in the DC-area, you have saved me from crippling obesity on multiple occasions.

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