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How Meditation Improve Your Health Drastically

Posted Oct 06 2013 10:10pm

It Reduces Stress

Meditation is good for stress reduction in several ways. It slows down your heart rate ate when you react to stress in a negative way and this is good news for those who suffer from heart failure or respiratory problems. Because meditation reduces stress by lowering your heart rate, your blood pressure returns to normal. When you use meditation to reduce stress, you also clear your mind so that you will be able to think creatively and in an alert way.

You Have A Better Immune System

Another benefit of stress reduction through meditation is that you have a better immune system. According to a study from Ohio State University, meditation seemed to work for a group of cancer patients who participated in the study. And the same university also conducted a study in which a group of elderly participants used meditation to create resistance to tumor development.


Increased Chances of Conception

In a study from the University of Western Australia, meditation can help women who are trying to conceive and the more stressed out a woman is, the less chance she has in getting pregnant. If infertility has been a part of your life, add meditation to your regular fertility treatments.

Mantra Meditation

It is not difficult to do mantra meditation, as it is carried out by selecting a calming phrase and word, and many times silently repeating it to yourself. The calming word helps in reducing distracting thoughts, making you to pay more attention to the word or words being repeated, making it possible for you to believe them with your whole body, mind, and soul. Though your own mantra may be chosen, there are still those who prefer using Hindu Mythology words because that is the origin of meditation practice. At the same time, it is a good idea to use mantras from your native language, as that still works well.

You Develop Stronger Self Esteem

When you use meditation for stress reduction, your self esteem improves. This is true of the kind of meditation where you use mantras, which are positive affirmations that you say to yourself in order to establish positivity in your life. If you feel unattractive after gaining weight, you can tell yourself that you may have gained weight but you are still beautiful inside and out.

Good for Relieving Pain

So you are having a headache but you ran out of aspirin and you are unable to get to the store for a few hours. You should try meditation because it assists with pain relief without medicines. A study from Wake Forest University stated that fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation would take your mind off the pain you are in.


Good for Improving Cognitive Skills

Meditation is good for stress reduction but it is also good for maintaining good cognitive skills as you get older. If you are over age 50 and have a history of Alzheimer’s disease in the family, you should perform different meditation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and yoga so you will have better memory.

Helps in Curbing Appetite

Many people turn to food when they are stressed but with a type of meditation called mindful eating, you are able to keep yourself from emotional eating. The next time you decide to eat a third piece of chocolate cake at midnight, you should be mindful of why you are eating the cake and ask yourself if it is worth the extra calories in the long run.


As seen in the previous paragraphs, meditation serves a variety of purposes and everyone meditates differently. For the Christian, he would turn to the Scriptures and prayer to God as his way of meditating while another person would sit outside in nature for meditation. There are also meditation retreats you can go on that focus specifically on reflection of your life and those around you. If meditating at home, you should eliminate all distractions with the exception of soft music so you will concentrate. It is also a good idea to dim the lights in your room and wear clothing that is relaxing and that best prepares you for meditation. Finally, enjoy your relaxation time.

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