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How Do You Define Recovery? Study

Posted Sep 22 2011 11:38am

Hi! I just wanted to send the summary to a recent study that came out and would LOVE to create a discussion on this!

Study by: Noordenbos G. Psychological Institute, Leiden University , Leiden , The Netherlands. Eat Disord. 2011 Oct;19(5):441-51.


In the treatment of eating disorders (ED), no consensus exists on relevant criteria for recovery and goals for treatment. Which criteria do ED patients and therapists evaluate as most relevant for recovery? And do patients and therapists differ in their evaluations? This article presents a review of research on the opinions about recovery criteria of former patients and therapists.

Criteria most often mentioned by the patients could be divided into the following themes:

  • eating and drinking
  • physical activity and exercising
  • attitude towards food and weight
  • body evaluation
  • relaxation
  • physical recovery
  • psychological recovery
  • emotion regulation
  • social relations
  • sexual attitude
  • comorbidity.

I personally think this is a crucial area of discussion in the awareness of eating disorders. I think it is important to share this with carers, patients, clinicians, etc. to help show the diverse and complex nature of eating disorder recovery.

What do you think? If you are a patient, what do you believe recovery includes? Is this list sufficient? Does it need to be expanded?

If you are a clinician, what concerns or additions need to be made to this list?


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