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How Do I Hide My Bulimia From My Parents And Family?

Posted by Kemmy M. Facebook

i'm bulimic and i think anorexic. i have 1 meal a day and maybe a snack and after every meal i make myself throw it all back up. i know everyone says you shouldn't do it, your parents need to know and you shouldn't be going through this alone, but i don't want them to know. i'm not obese, but i do have fat that i want/need to get rid of and i can't find any other way. i want to find a way of doing this without them knowing and when i came across this website, i thought maybe you could help. thanks, Kemmy.
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DON"T HIDE IT! You need to tell your parents. NOW. You are killing yourself. If you knew that you had a broken leg you would tell your parents wouldn't you?!? This is the same. Tell someone even if you can't tell your parents. Talk to a counselor, teacher, or friend at school. Don't keep this inside. You must be hurting so badly. Get the help you desearve.
Thanks so much for your reply. There's a school nurse i can talk to, but i'm not ready to talk to my parents yet and i really don't know if i want them to know. And your right it does hurt to wake up knowing that i hate my reflextion when i look in the mirror and whenever i eat i feel like i've done wrong. Thanks for your advice again, thanks for the help.
Kemmy, yeah, you're not going to want to hear this from me either, but hiding an eating disorder isn't a good way to go. In fact, one of the main ways eating disorders become so serious, even life-threatening, is that people hide them, and hide them, for months and years sometimes- and all the while the disorder is literally eating away at them (physically and emotionally). The sufferer gets more and more isolated, more and more entrenched in the illness, and less and less able to reach out for help and reach out for connection. Also, the more time that goes on having an ED, the more the sufferer's perception of herself, her life, and her body become horribly negative and distorted. Plus, it gets harder and harder to make any changes the farther into the disorder you go. All this may seem hard to believe for you- right now things may feel in your control and you may feel like things are ok. But eating disorders are sneaky illnesses, and they tend to take over control without the sufferer even noticing. People generally start out feeling as if they are in control of the disorder, but somewhere along the way they realize the disorder is in fact in control of them. And that's a scary situation. I hope you can find someone (the school nurse sounds like a great place to start) you can talk to, and soon! Best of luck, Johanna

Another couple of reasons not to even do this and to get help are:

1. the acid from vomiting up your meals eats away the enamel of your teeth which causes sensitivity and thousands of dollars in dental care.

2. by vomiting so offten you throw off you body chemistry to the point you could drop dead or cause lasting organ damage due to the deficiencies.

3. the pressure of vomiting regularly can cause you to rupture blood vessels in your throat which can cause severe/deadly bleeding.

If you don't want your parents to know please go to a therapist or clergy member to get addvice and referals. They cannot discuss your problems with anyone unless you give them permission.


Hello Kemmy, I don't think it is a good idea for you to continue vomiting. I am the mother of a 19 year old who suffers from anorexia - binge purge. My daughter hid her vomiting for several years until she became very ill from her low weight and low potassium levels. She has now been hospitalised and is recovering.

Like her you probably are really concerned with your body shape and I don't think that your thoughts and behaviours will go away without some sort of professional help. Please tell someone about your problem. If you really don't want to talk to your parents you could make an appointment to see a nurse or doctor.

Don't let your problem continue because it is the sort of illness that is easier to break early rather than letting it get a grip on you. 




you should tell someone. a mate, bestmate even. just someone you trust, if you tell them too keep quiet, they would, thats what bestmates are for. i know, you know who this is from. c xx

Please, PLEASE, tell your parents.  Tell someone.  The deeper you get into the grips of an eating disorderthe harder it is to get out, the closer you are to serious permanent damage, potentially even death, and the more years of life you are losing! I know it seems like this is probably the only way to function right now, but there are so many better ways to cope with the issues you are scared to face.  Please trust me.  I have been there and still fight every day for my health.  If it werent for my husband and my parents, I might not be here to answer your question...

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