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Here's the thing, Palmtreechick-...

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:07pm

Here's the thing, Palmtreechick- you can keep eating the way you always have, exercising the way you have been, doing everything the same.

The things you do with your eating, weight and exercise are choices that only you can make.

But, as you know, every choice we make has repercussions.

Obviously, eating and exercise can impact our physical health. But I'm talking about more than that.

The more one restricts his/her eating, over-exercises, or uses other eating disorder behaviors, the deeper and more entrenched the relationship with the disorder. And the deeper the relationship with the disorder, the less room there is in someone's life for other types of relationship- with one's self, with others, with the world in general.

So, if you need to keep your food, weight and exercise behaviors the way they are, that is absolutely your decision, and only you can determine the path for you. Remember, though, that doing so will cost you.

I understand what you say about how easy things have come to you throughout your life. Did you know this is typical of people who have eating disorders? Someone who develops an eating disorder usually is very smart, talented and accomplished; capable of taking on and succeeding at most anything.

As far as I'm concerned, recovering from an eating disorder is very often the hardest thing someone will ever do. You are right that it's a lot of work. It is, of course, worth it- I can tell you that from watching people I've worked with over the past almost 20 years work toward recovery. I can't remember anyone who regretted her recovery. And I can't think of anyone who would say it was anything but a challenge to achieve.

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