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Here comes Peter Cottontail

Posted Oct 18 2008 1:22pm

My Grandma's gonna make me a bunny cake.

When we were kids, my Grandma Toots made that coconut-covered bunny head cake all decked out with jelly beans and licorice whips. She colored the coconut for the bow tie and the ears, sliced and diced slabs of yellow cake and arranged it all neatly on a board covered with aluminum foil. I always wanted a piece of the ear.

This is the first year in ages that my grandparents will be home for Easter--and the first year in a while that I'll be spending Easter with the family. My nieces have never even had Easter with their great-grandparents.

So I figured it was worth putting on my best little girl pout and turning on the charm to ask Grandma to make me a bunny cake. And she said yes. I promised her I'd even have a piece.

I'm sure the memory of eating the cake will be even sweeter than an actual bite. But there's something that's making me all giggly and happy inside knowing that my Grandma would rummage through years and years of recipes to find the original Pillsbury instruction for laying out the bunny cake just so she could make it for me.

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