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Here’s The Plan

Posted Jul 12 2013 6:37am
Happy Friday my friends. For those who work Monday-Friday I know you are pretty excited for the weekend.  For those, like me, who work the weekend… well…. enjoy everyone around you being in a good mood because it’s Friday.  Lucky for me, I actually like my job.  Tomorrow I’m getting certified in CPR.  I need the certification for work but will also need it to become an instructor so it’s a win/win situation.   Getting paid to get certified instead of having to pay. Nice.

Allow me to break this post up with past running pictures.  Heads up: This post is all about running.

I was thinking yesterday… Sunday marks 15 weeks and counting until my FIRST FULL MARATHON.  I am determined for the next 15 weeks to be as dedicated as I can to the art of running. (Sounds fancy doesn’t it.) I am going to work my hardest and try my best to not miss a single training run or cross training workout.  We have a lot of events coming up in the next couple weeks including moving houses and Braiden starting school.  The key to me not missing a work out is all going to come with careful planning.

Having kids is wonderful, having a boyfriend is wonderful, having a job is wonderful, having a boyfriend that also is training for a marathon is wonderful… However, all of these things together COULD make it difficult to stay on course with training.  With a good plan, all things are possible.  This is what Josh and I came up with….

Mondays: Stroller Run

Tuesdays: Treadmill Tempo Run

Wednesdays: Early Run Before Josh Leaves For Work

Thursdays: Early Run Before Josh Leaves For Work : Speed Work

Friday: Treadmill Run + Insanity

Saturday: Take Turns Running Outside When We Have Kids, Run Together When We Don’t

I really think this is going to work out for both of us. Is anyone else out there running Rock N Roll St. Louis this year?

I’ve said before that I am so happy I found running.  It gives me a personal fitness goal and something to really work towards for no one other than myself.  I fell completely in love with it for it’s stress reducing qualities, the endorphins, and just the plain old feeling good about yourself after a nice run.  Being a stay at home mom during the day and working a couple evenings and weekends can get a little monotonic.  I love my children of course but every mom needs something for herself. 

I’ve been running on and off for a couple years now (taking months off at a time and never running non stop past 3 miles) but didn’t start really running until January of this year and didn’t get serious about running until after my St. Patrick’s day run this year.  Now, I’m hooked, I’m serious, and I’m loving it.  I have the thirst to learn everything I can about it and train as hard as I can. I want to get better, faster, and I was to compete.  If you asked me a year ago if I could win a race I’d laugh at you and say No Way.  Now I think, Why couldn’t I?  Why couldn’t I get that good?  Because I didn’t run in high school? Because I’m a mom? Because I started too late?  Because I’m not a “natural?”  There is no reason I can’t.  I started off not being able to finish 3 miles. Now I’m running 16. I started running at a 12 minute pace or slower.  Now I’m running a 9:30 or faster. I’m improving and learning every single day.  I have the drive, the want, the positivity, the support, the confidence to know that I can do it. 

Now that I got all that out… yesterday I spent Scarlet’s 2 hour long nap reading every article I could on Here’s some I’d like to share with you guys.

Video: Belly Breathing (I’m working on this now)

  Mental Roadblocks (Something I’ve come along way with)

Lung Power (More About Breathing)

5 Core Workouts For Stronger Running

So that’s my running post today.  Have a good weekend everyone!

Question: Are you CPR Certified?

Have any good Running/Fitness articles to share?

Any advice for a first time marathoner?


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