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Posted Apr 07 2012 11:02pm
Ok so it started really bad two years ago I had my heart broken and since then my stress level has gone way up the smallest thing tresses me out and this stress makes it to where I can't eat at all hardly. I mean like a piece of bread a day. I have always had a low self esteem knowing I'm underweight I'm 22 female 5'7" 103 lbs NOT WHERE I WANNA BE!! Problem is I I want to gain weight but when stressed my stomache tightens up and I literally cannot eat I can't even swallow. I have asked many doctors for help the past few years but no seems even remotely concerned which really upsets me when I know I'm not eating.... I'm now 8 wks pregnant which you can imagine makes this even more scary since I need to be giving this baby what it needs I'm super scared and freaked out which puts my stress even higher. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and please no rude comments I want to gain I just literally can't with my stomach bein in a knot like this!!!
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