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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy (TW/Pics)

Posted Mar 01 2013 2:54am

Although I still don’t feel “thin enough,” I know I don’t look as healthy as I used to when I weighed more. Especially when my hair isn’t done or I’m not wearing make up; I think I look run down and ragged.

I looked at a picture of myself at my lowest weight, this time looking at my face instead of my body, and I really do look unwell (at least in this specific picture).

I put together a collage of pictures, mostly showing my face. The top three photos are of me at my highest weight (110 lbs., BMI 21.5) and the bottom two are at my lowest (the left is me at 81 lbs., BMI 15.8, the right is me at 78 lbs., BMI 15.2). Click here to see the collage (TW).

There is a definite difference, and not just in weight. I look healthier and more vibrant, even in my “fat” photos, whereas the thin photos I look sick. Not “thin” sick, but just unhealthy in my face (in the last photo).

The last picture was taken at the end of 2011. Since then I haven’t gained any significant amount of weight. (I haven’t lost any either.)

Don’t know what the point of this entry was — but yeah. I hadn’t seen that photo in a while, and I can see a sick person there now, whereas before, I just thought I looked normal.

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