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hard work

Posted Dec 10 2012 4:48pm

You said it, Laura R- grieving is hard work!

Well, that is, if you really want to do it thoroughly and fully. 

We know that this is true of life in general, right? I mean pretty much anyone can drift through life, not particularly being psychologically wholly alive... not really fully living.

If we want to really do life, it is hard work. This isn't something we are usually taught as kids. I think we should be taught it though. Because it's true. 

Not that this is a terrible thing; it's simply a reality thing.

Of course the rewards of living fully, feeling all our possible feelings, living true to ourselves, pursuing what's meaningful to us.... all those good things and more.... are immense. Boy, but when we are faced with pain- grief, loss, sadness... we'd love to say forget it and not live fully at all!

After all, if you live sort of "half-alive" or "just going through the motions" then you have a better chance of avoiding getting kicked in the gut, right? 

It's tempting.

We have to be courageous to do life fully (also something we aren't generally taught as kids).

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