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Happy New Year, 2010, everyone!

Posted Dec 12 2009 10:35am

Hi my old, dear friends. I wanted to wish you all happy holidays and a very happy New Year!

It's been a while! But, all is good here. I am still healthy, still with Todd, still in the same house in LA. There are some exciting new things in my life. One thing is that Todd & I are starting a big house construction project. Most of it is over-due maintenance, but some of it will be fun remodelling. It will probably take a year or more to get it all done, but if we keep plugging away at it, we'll eventually have a really nice home!

Also, last year at this time, I decided I needed something new to learn and be excited about. SO, I started riding a motorcycle! Todd thought I was nuts & pretty stupid, but a few months after I started riding, he started as well.

Below is a pic of me riding in Malibu.

It has been an INCREDIBLE benefit to my life. It gives me joy, it challenges me, it gives me something to focus on and learn about and grow into every day, it makes me proud of myself, it helps me shake off a tough day (I realize now just how much I previously let my stressful job impact my life. Never again!), it makes me feel young and vital!

I'll share more about that later.

Even though I haven't written, I have continued to read & cherish every email I have gotten from you. I usually don't have anything to say, though. I admit that my years with bulimia seem just so far away now, and the only advice I really have is go read the whole blog (and comments) and start reading the books I've suggested. I, too, need to go back & read my whole blog again from the start to remember it all.

I am working on getting new bracelets. I got an email from a woman who wanted to buy another one since her original bracelet had "worn out." She said she had worn it through 4 hospital stays. I wish I had one to send her today. Don't hold your breath, but I did start working on this today.

and, it's always this time of year when I get my most melancholy and thoughtful, and I honestly just really want to know how all my old community friends are doing. I wish I could get an update from each and every one.


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