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Gratitude for the past’s lessons paves the way toward future victory.

Posted Jan 15 2013 10:00am

I am grateful for my past, because it is my greatest teacher—in remembrance of what hasn’t worked before, I am freed to discover what will work now, and I courageously employ these new strategies with great enjoyment and success.-Quote from Beating Ana

The past can be such a good friend to us – if we will allow it.

The past is so helpful, too, because it stores up all the memories and experiences that we can then draw from to figure out what worked well before, what didn’t work so well, what we want more or less of, and what kind of human being we aspire to be in our life.

When we go back to our past and ask for guidance or help, it never turns us down. The trick in making use of the information it so freely gives us, however, is to be discriminating and strategic in the information we ask for, refusing to get caught up in unproductive memories but simply taking the information and using it to make new, better choices today.

Make friends with your past and two things will happen. One, you will have all kinds of helpful information about Ed’s weaknesses and things you can do to make him even weaker. And two, Ed will start to get jealous because you have made a new friend to replace him (and fight back against him!)

When you feel Ed start to get jealous, that is how you know you are making good use of the information in your past to take him down. Don’t give in. Don’t let Ed bully you back in to being his friend again. Tell him, “I’m sorry, Ed – but you and me is over. I have a new friend now who will help me get you out of my life for good!”

What can you do – starting now, today – to make better use of the information from your past to weaken Ed and then kick him out of your life for good?



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